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Vector artwork service on site: Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator

Highly precise, extremely detailed  

G25 G27 Optical Encoder Wheel
G25 G27 Optical Encoder Wheel

CM Laser Service offers engraving, cutting, etching and welding of non-metal and metal material alike making us first full service laser shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


We use only the best equipment from industry leaders, such as...

Laser Engraving by Trotec in Chiang Mai Thailand
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Laser Engraving Etching and Cutting Services

Chiang Mai, Thailand  

G25 and G27 Gaming Wheels

Optical Encoder


Optical encoder for G25 and G27 Steering Wheels!  

Improve your driving experience with a custom made, solid brass encoder!

Ensure your wheel never fails in the middle of an important race!


$30.00USD (+7.00 worldwide shipping)

(for order of more than one, please email